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Clinical and echocardiographic impact of late correction of coarctation of the aorta: a retrospective cohort

Background/Introduction: Coarctation of the aorta is the 7th most frequent congenital heart disease. It is unknown why the cardiovascular risk of these patients is higher even after surgical correction. Our study investigated whether late repair changes echocardiographic variables that could be suggest new hypothesis of such susceptibility. Methods: Retrospective cohort by collecting clinical and echocardiographic reports of coarctation of the aorta patients treated in the last 6 years by a Brazilian university hospital. Statistical Analysis: The variables were considered parametric or non-parametric by Komarov-Smirnov test and then compared by Kruskal-Wallis or one-way ANOVA. The correlation between age of surgery and echocardiographic measurements was stablished by Pearson and Spearman correlation for parametric and nonparametric values, respectively, using p<0.05 as statistically significant. Results: Subjects: 72 patients, 57% male, mean age at the time of surgery of 5.72±8.23 (0?31) years old and mean follow up of 5.86 (0-21) years. Echocardiographic Variables: Age at surgery and pre-op systolic blood pressure are related to systolic pressure at last visit, as determined by Spearman correlation (r=0.67 and r=0.34, respectively, p<0.01 for both). Age at surgery is negatively related to last measurement of atrium diameter, end-diastolic left ventricle diameter, end-systolic left ventricle and aortic root diameters, as determined by Spearman correlation (p<0.01, R=-0.64, -0.66, -0.56, -0.57, respectively). The most common findings at the last exam are shown in table 2. Conclusion: Late correction of coarctation of the aorta determines lower measurements of left ventricle, left atrium and aortic diameters. This could be suggestive of left ventricle hypertrophy, which is widely known as related to higher cardiovascular risk.

Autores: JOAQUIM BARRETO FONSECA ANTUNES DE OLIVEIRA , Juliana Roda , Carlos Wustemberg Germano , Lindemberg Filho , Ana Paula Damiano , Thiago Quinaglia